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How to earn up to $20 in credit to be used on DeVer Originals website through review posting and social media sites

Thanks for your interest in helping me to build my website and my internet presence. The following are the steps that you can take to earn up to $20 in credit to use toward any purchase on the DeVer Originals website. Following the steps are the rules for the promotion Please read in its entirety.

How to earn your credits (in just a few minutes)

In order for me to give you credit to use toward purchases on my website, you need to set up a customer account. You can find the link to set up a customer account at the very top of any page on my website. Click on the My Account link there and set up your account. Please be assured that I do not give out any customer information. Your information is completely private. Also, you will NOT have to leave any credit card information since I only take paypal on my site. Once this is completed, you can do one or all of the following options to earn your credit, up to a maximum of $20. This promotion is available for an unspecified period of time. Credits earned will be available for up to 2 weeks after receipt.

If you are a facebook user, "like" UP TO 4 different products using the LIKE button on each individual product page. Then make sure you have already "liked" my DeVer Originals page on facebook (if you haven't then like my DeVer Originals page at the same time) and that way I can see YOUR likes and verify your credit amount. For each like you will earn a $5 credit up to a TOTAL PROMOTIONAL maximum of $20.
If you have purchased items from me, find that item on the website and post a (hopefully) positive review on the product page for that item. If you cannot find the exact item you purchased, OR if you purchased a "one of a kind" item, you can post a review on a similar item if you like. For each review you will earn a $5 credit up to a TOTAL PROMOTIONAL maximum of $20.

You will receive a $5 credit for each like AND/OR review, up to a maximum of $20. Ideally, you will mix these up if you are on facebook, and you have purchased from me before. So, for example, you can "like" two items, and leave two reviews. Or mix it up in any way you choose. You can even do MORE than 4, just keep in mind the MAXIMUM CREDIT you will receive for this promotion is $20.

Once you have completed your likes or reviews, email me at and tell me what you did. I will verify the likes and/or reviews and issue a credit (up to a maximum of $20) to your customer account within 48 hours.

Promotion Rules

1. This promotion is effective for an unspecified period of time. I can terminate it at any time. Credits earned will be valid for 2 weeks after receipt.
2. A maximum of $20 credit is allowed per customer during this promotion. In other words, once you earn $20 in credit, you can no longer receive add'l credit through this promotion.
3. Credit earned through this promotion will be linked to your customer account on the DeVer Originals website. Therefore, you must set up a customer account to receive your credit.
4. Credit can only be used for website purchases. Credit cannot be used at art shows, nor can it be used to purchase gift certificates.
5. Regular tax and shipping charges apply. Free shipping is offered on any order which exceeds $150. For any order under $150, the shipping charge is $7.
6. All credits are available for use for 2 weeks following receipt. Any unused credit will expire after 2 weeks.
7. This credit is NOT redeemable for cash. It cannot be used for gift certificate purchases.