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Leather/Cork Jewelry Care and Tips on managing the Fabulous Magnetic Clasps

Congratulations on your purchase of a DeVer Originals creation! I use high quality European leather and Portuguese cork in my leather jewelry line. These products, under normal wear and conditions, will last a very, very long time.

The leather is cowhide that is colored with vegetable-based dyes. The cork is sustainably harvested from trees, and is also colored with vegetable-based dyes.

As with any jewelry, care should be taken to not have your jewelry come in contact with chemicals, oils, perfumes or other sprays. These items can discolor the leather or cork.

Unique to leather/cork – you should not allow these items to get wet. I am not sure how cork would react if it got wet but I think we all know water and leather don’t mix really great. So keep your leather/cork jewelry dry.

If necessary, you can clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth.

The components I use in my leather/cork jewelry are all made from zinc or pewter and electro-plated in silver, brass or copper. They are certified lead and nickel-free. They are all considered hypoallergenic.

The magnetic clasps make putting on your bracelet super simple. And they are strong, so they don’t unhook easily. Which is a good thing until you go to take your bracelet off. Be PATIENT! Take the time when your bracelet is OFF your wrist to understand which direction the clasp unhooks. They are all a bit different. Depending on the clasp, you may find it best to hold onto the Top magnet (side of clasp facing upwards or away from your wrist) and "pop" or turn the top magnet up and away from the bottom half of the clasp. Or, I sometimes slide my fingernail into the groove between the clasp to “disconnect” the magnet, then it will come off easily. If the leather is rigid, you can always sometimes just push down on the side of your bracelet that the bottom half of the clasp is on. With practice, you’ll be a pro with your magnetic clasp in no time.

For additional assistance, watch THIS VIDEO where I show you how to hook and unhook the various types of magnetic clasps.

Above all, I want you to be able to enjoy your DeVer Original creation for many, many years – so please always let me know if I can be of assistance to you!