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About the Artist
Teresa DeVer

I have always been an artist at heart. Initially my artistic endeavors were expressed through music and drama, from the big stage to the worship experience in church.
But in 2002 I was introduced to the fine art of jewelry making by my dear mother-in-law. At the same time, I found myself in a bible study learning about the life of Moses. There was a point in the study that talked about the ornate design of the Ark of the Covenant and the Priests' Breastplate. I realized that the same gemstones used and noted in the bible were gemstones I was using in my creations. Having that connection lit my passion completely and I haven't stopped since. 

The day I knew this was something I wanted focus on was the day I first tried wire sculpting with a Rain Forest Jasper.  Up until this point the jewelry making had all just been a hobby. But when I sculpted that little Jasper, it was so pretty when I was done that I cried! Of course, I have come a long way since then.  The picture to the left is that very first piece.
Now, 16 years later, I have enjoyed much satisfaction and success in building a business from something that I love to do, and isn’t that what we all wish for? When I am not at the shows, you can find me in my home-based studio, enjoying my favorite worship music while I create beautiful jewelry using the gifts God has blessed me with.
When I am not in my studio, you can find me enjoying my beautiful family of boys, from my precious husband to my incredible three sons, daughter-in-law and beautiful granddaughter. I often express the same prayer as King David, “Lord, who am I , and who is my family, that you would bless us so….”. 

I am so glad I have found Jesus in my life!  He is my Savior, my Joy, my Fulfillment, and my Delight! Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago to save, and He continues to save today through the provision of his Holy Spirit, which He offers as a free gift to anyone who places their trust in Him.
If my statement of faith prompts a deep need in your own heart, I encourage you to listen to it.  You can learn so much about what it means to walk a life of faith in Christ from these websites:
              Who is Jesus?                                                                                      Jews for Jesus
              Need Him                                                                                           Chosen People Ministries

You are invited to browse through my gallery. Enjoy what you see, read about the significance of these gemstones - and purchase a unique, one-of-a-kind creation for yourself or that special someone- with complete confidence that you will receive a treasured possession, and your satisfaction is the ultimate goal!

This is me - HI!  Enjoying a vacation in the tropics with my family last summer (hence the flower in the hair).  I am wearing a delicate diameter Argentium Sterling Silver Byzantine Necklace.  Isn't it lovely?

About My Work
I use many creative processes in my work, but the foundation of it all is the use of wire.  I purchase 100-200 ounces of precious wire at a time, all coiled and ready for the creative process.  I am a Wire Artist - expressing my passion with wire began with wire sculpting and chain maille (which are both ancient art forms using wire to hand-sculpt elegant and functional shapes and forms of artistic jewelry).  Wire sculpting was practiced by the Egyptians and Phoenicians over 5,000 years ago.  Chain Maille was developed to create pieces of armor - now used to create chains and other forms of jewelry.  These art forms diminished over the years but are now re-emerging as unique forms of jewelry art that provide the wearer with a functional piece of jewelry as well as a unique artistic treasure.  
About the Wire
In all my work I use four types of wire, 14k yellow and rose gold FILLED, Fine Silver and Argentium Sterling Silver. When the price of solid gold was lower (back a few years) I did select pieces in solid gold, but I now only use solid gold when I have a specific custom order request.  The metals I do use are fabulous, quality metals at reasonable prices, and I know you will love them.  Each are described below.
About Gold Filled Wire
Gold filled metal and wire is made from solid gold and filled with other alloys.  Gold filled jewelry wears like solid gold because the outer surface is solid gold.  The process of making gold filled jewelry is quite different from gold plated - there is 100 times more gold in a 14K gold filled piece than in the same piece gold plated.  14K gold filled wire, also referred to as rolled gold or 14/20, is created by permanently bonding a sheet of 14K gold to a core of semiprecious metal, usually brass, carefully controlling extreme heat and pressure for a precise length of time.  Laws regulate a substantial layer of gold surrounding the inner alloy.  Gold filled items are strong, durable and resistant to tarnish.  The gold will not wear off as in plated jewelry.  It is nearly impossible to tell a gold filled piece from the same piece in solid gold.  With reasonable care it will last a lifetime.

Argentium Sterling Silver
Argentium Sterling Silver is a new type of sterling silver that is highly tarnish resistant.  It is not readily available yet in all products but DeVer Originals has been using this metal exclusively in place of sterling silver since its creation in 2005.  The benefits of argentium sterling silver are numerous.  Argentium is manufactured with a lower level of copper alloy, and replaced with a germanium alloy.  Copper is what causes tarnish to begin with - so decreasing the amount of copper in silver decreases the possibility of tarnish.  Argentium silver is made to a higher standard than traditional sterling silver and is guaranteed to be not less than 92.5% pure.  Argentium sterling also hardens to a greater degree than traditional sterling, providing an added benefit with your treasured jewelry creations.  If and when your Argentium Sterling treasure DOES tarnish - it can be cleaned using normal methods for traditional sterling.
Fine Silver
Fine Silver is 99.9% silver.  With no copper in this metal, it does not tarnish.  For this reason it is very desirable except that the metal is extremely soft.  So I only use it for certain products, like wire crocheting and when I can use heavy gauge wire, which counteracts the softness of the metal.
Sterling Silver
I only use standard sterling silver when a suitable argentium silver alternative is not available.  Sterling silver is defined as 92.5% pure silver.  It is hardened with another metal alloy of no more than 7.5%, usually copper.  Sterling silver is also referred to as .925, which references the amount of pure silver in the piece.