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Pendants on this page are handsculpted using 14k yellow or rose gold filled wire, or an amazing tarnish-resistant sterling silver wire called Argentium Sterling Silver. Click here to learn about the value, durability and beauty of the wire I use in my jewelry.
NOTE ON DELIVERY - Because most of these items are "made to order", please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Within 48 hours of your order you will receive a shipping notice (if what you have ordered is in stock) or an estimate of when your order will be shipped, not to exceed 2 weeks.
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Sterling Silver 8mm Round Gemstone Pendant Sterling Silver 10mm Round Gemstone Pendant
Eye of the Storm Pendant-LARGE Eye of the Storm Pendant-SMALL
Circle of Life Pendant Column of Pearls Pendant
Circle of Life Pendant
Our Price: $60.00
Column of Pearls Pendant
Our Price: $60.00
Concentric Pendant Fine Silver Gemstone Wavy Pendant
Concentric Pendant
Our Price: $95.00
Love Knot Pendant Celtic Pendant
Love Knot Pendant
Our Price: $60.00
Celtic Pendant
Our Price: $55.00
Handcrafted Chain Cross -<b><inline style="color: rgb(192, 80, 77); font-size: 24px;">SOLD OUT</inline></b> Handcrafted Metal Cross
Handcrafted Metal Cross
Our Price: $75.00
Daisy Two Tone Pendant
Daisy Two Tone Pendant
Our Price: $55.00