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HC-CapByzSTD   "Captured" Two Tone Byzantine Weave Necklace
HC-CapByzDEL   "Captured" Two Tone Byzantine Weave Necklace - delicate diameter
BANGLE-frameNef   "Framed" Nefertiti Bangle Bracelet
HWB-ModShagOX   "Modern Meets Traditional" OXIDIZED Shaggy Chain Bracelet
HC-ModTradShagOX   "Modern Meets Traditional" OXIDIZED Shaggy Weave Necklace
HWB-ModShag   "Modern Meets Traditional" Shaggy Chain Bracelet
HC-ModTradShag   "Modern Meets Traditional" Shaggy Weave Necklace
HWB-SqByz   "Squared" Byzantine Chain Bracelet
HWB-SqJP   "Squared" Jens Pind Chain Bracelet
HWB-SqSerp   "Squared" Serpentine Chain Bracelet
BANGLE-Trifecta   "Trifecta" Bangle Bracelet
HWB-DVTwist   "Twisted" Double Vision Weave Bracelet
HC-DVTwist   "Twisted" Double Vision Weave Necklace
BANGLE-Waves   "Waves" Sterling Cuff-For up to a 7 1/4" wrist
EAR-ByzDel14K   14K SOLID GOLD Byzantine Weave Earrings
EAR-DiaGeo   14K SOLID GOLD Diamond Geometric Dangle Earrings
HC-14krope   14k SOLID Gold Diamond-Cut French Rope Chain
EAR-Infinity   14K SOLID GOLD Infinity Earrings
HC-GOLDOmega   14k Solid GOLD Reversible Yellow and White 16" Omega Chain
EAR-ByzRGDiamond   14K SOLID GOLD Rose .07 CTW Diamond Accented Earring tops with Rose Gold Filled Byzantine drops
HC-.6mm14kRG   14k Solid GOLD ROSE GOLD BOX Chain .6mm
HC-1mm14kWG   14k Solid GOLD White Rope Chain 1mm
HC-14kWGrope   14k SOLID White Gold Diamond-Cut French Rope Chain
EARGEM-GemLever   6mm Genuine Gemstone Leverback Earrings
EARGEM-PerPost   6mm Peridot Post Earrings
EARGEM-LQPost   8X6mm Lemon Quartz Post Earrings
CLASP-14k   ADD a 14K SOLID GOLD Clasp to a Chain Bracelet or Necklace-Options between $200-$555
Bead-Amber   Amber Necklace
EARGEM-ATPPost   Anastasia Topaz and Peridot Post Earrings
SSP-ApacheJasper   Apache Picture Jasper
BANGLE-Audre   Audre Bangle
BANGLE-Bali   Bali Bead Bangle - ONLY FOUR LEFT
EAR-BW   Barrel Weave Earrings
HWB-Barrel   Barrel Weave Handwoven Bracelet
HCBarrel   Barrel Weave Necklace
BANGLE-BW10   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-BW14   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-BW9   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-Bead   Beaded Bangle Bracelet
BANGLE-BeadBand   Beads and Bands Bracelet
BANGLE-Bella   Bella Bangle
GF-TulipCameo   Black Agate Tulip Cameo
HC-Box   Box Chain
BANGLE-Bullseye   Bullseye Victorian Bangle - for 6 1/8 - 6 3/8" wrist
TTP-BurroCreek   Burro Creek Agate
HWB-byzDel   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Delicate diameter
HWB-byzStd   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Standard diameter
HWB-byzSub   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Substantial diameter
EAR-ByzDel   Byzantine Weave Earrings - Delicate
EAR-ByzStd   Byzantine Weave Earrings - Standard
HC-ByzSM   Byzantine Weave Necklace - Delicate diameter
HC-ByzSTD   Byzantine Weave Necklace-Standard Diameter
HC-ByzLG   Byzantine Weave Necklace-Substantial Diameter
GFP-Candy   Candy Agate
HWB-CapByz   Captured Byzantine Bracelet
HWB-CapByzGF   Captured Byzantine Bracelet
HWB-CapByzdel   Captured Byzantine Bracelet-delicate diameter
SSP-Carrasite   Carrasite Picture Jasper
TTP-Carrasite   Carrasite Picture Jasper
CMP-Celtic   Celtic Pendant
BANGLE-ChainLink   Chain Link Two-tone Bangle - 3 bracelets available
BANGLE-Chkr   Checkerboard Bracelet
EARGEM-CCJ   Cherry Creek Jasper Earrings
BANGLE-Chevron   Chevron Bangle - only 2 available
New-Collector   Collector Cabochons
CMP-Column   Column of Pearls Pendant
EAR-Column   Column Pearl Earrings
CMP-Concentric   Concentric Pendant - only 1 left
CMP-Daisy1   Daisy Two Tone Pendant
BANGLE-Daliance   Daliance Two-tone Bangle - one 8" bracelet
BANGLE-Diamond   Diamond Bangle
EAR-Dia   Diamond Shaped Earrings
BANGLE-Diana   Diana Bangle - for around a 6 1/4" wrist
HWB-DV   Double Vision Weave Bracelet
HC-DV   Double Vision Weave Necklace
HWB-Dragon   Dragonscale Handwoven Bracelet
GF-Eudialyte   Eudialyte Gemstone
HC-EuropeanGF   European Collar - 14K GF
HC-EuropeanSS   European Collar - Silver
HWB-European   European Weave Handwoven Bracelet
EAR-EyeStorm   Eye of the Storm Earrings
CMP-EyeStormLG   Eye of the Storm Pendant-LARGE
CMP-EyeStorn   Eye of the Storm Pendant-SMALL
HWB-FCM   Flat Chain Maille Handwoven bracelet
HWB-FCMdel   Flat Chain Maille Handwoven bracelet - delicate
BANGLE-FloralLines   Floral Lines Bangle Cuff
BANGLE-Florentine   Florentine Bangle-For a 6-6.5" wrist
BANGLE-FlowGalore   Flowers Galore Bangle
HWB-Fox   Foxtail Handwoven bracelet
EAR-FT   Foxtail Weave Earrings
HC-Fox   Foxtail Weave Necklace
BANGLE-Victorian   Gail Victorian Bangle
BANGLE-BarGemstone   Gold Bar Bangle Bracelet with gemstone
BANGLE-Braid   Gold Braid Bangle
HC-GFChain   Gold Filled Chain - various options
BANGLE-Scroll   Gold Scroll Bangle - for 5 1/2 - 5 3/4" wrist
HC-GBW   Graduated Byzantine Weave Necklace
EAR-GradFox   Graduated Foxtail Earrings
HC-GFW   Graduated Foxtail Weave Necklace
EAR-GM   Grape Mesh Weave Earrings
BANGLE-HammCuff   Hammered Cuff Bangle
CMP-forgedGrape   Hand Forged grapeleaf pendant with Grape Garnet
BANGLE-HFCuff2tone   Hand-forged Sterling and GF Cuff-For up to a 7 1/2" wrist
CMP-Cross   Handcrafted Metal Cross - Only 1 LEFT
BANGLE-Hexagon   Hexagon Bangle -ONLY 3 1 LEFT
HC-JLAsy2   Japanese Lace Asymmetrical Necklace
HWB-JL   Japanese Lace Handwoven Bracelet
Bead-Ammonite   Jasper Necklace with Ammonite
HC-JPD   Jens Pind Delicate Weave Necklace
HWB-Jen   Jens Pind Handwoven Bracelet
EAR-JP   Jens Pind Weave Earrings
SSP-LagunaAgate   Laguna Lace Agate
Bead-5.75   Leather Bracelets for 5.5- 5.75" wrist
Bead-6.25   Leather Bracelets for 5.75-6.25" wrist
Bead-6.5   Leather Bracelets for 6.125- 6.5" wrist
EAR-LK   Love Knot Earrings
CMP-LoveKnot   Love Knot Pendant
SSP-MiniSQ   Mini Smoky Quartz
EAR-ModShagOX   Modern Meets Shaggy Oxidized Earrings
GFP-MontAgate2   Montana Agate
EARGEM-Mont   Montana Agate Earrings
BANGLE-Navajo   Navajo Bangle.
BANGLE-Nef   Nefertiti Bracelet
BANGLE-NewDiamond   New Diamond Pattern Bangle
BANGLE-Nichole   Nichole Bangle
BANGLE-OldMcD   Old McDonalds Farm Meets Bangle - 1 - 8" Bracelet
HWB-Olivia   Olivia Handwoven Bracelet
BANGLE-OXRose   Oxidized Silver and Rose Gold Frame-For a 6 1/2 - 6 3/4" wrist
EAR-OxStamp   Oxidized Sterling Stamped Earrings
BANGLE-PATH1   SOLD, BANGLE-PATH1">Pathways Woven Bracelet - SOLD
BANGLE-CUFF   Patterned Cuff Bangle
CMP-FSGem   Petite Fine Silver Pendant
BANGLE-porcelain   Porcelain Center Bead and Silver -For a 6 1/4 - 6 1/2" wrist
BANGLE-Princess   Princess Bracelet
BANGLE-QueenBW   Queen Bee Basketweave Bracelet
HC-QLN   Queen Lace Weave Necklace
HWB-QL   Queens Lace Handwoven Bracelet
EARGEM-RH   Rainbow Hickoryite Earrings
HC-PC   Rigid Collar - Plain
CMR-size-10   Rings Sized 10-12
CMR-size-5s   Rings Sized 5 - 5 3/4
CMR-size-6s   Rings Sized 6 - 6 3/4
CMR-size-7s   Rings Sized 7 -7 3/4
CMR-size-low8s   Rings Sized 8 -8 1/2
CMR-size-high8s   Rings Sized 8 1/2 - 8 3/4
CMR-size-9s   Rings Sized 9 - 9 3/4
HWB-RTdel   Rope Twist Handwoven bracelet - Delicate diameter
HWB-RT   Rope Twist Handwoven bracelet - Standard diameter
HWB-RTSub   Rope Twist Handwoven bracelet - Substantial diameter
EAR-RT   Rope Twist Weave Earrings
HC-RopeSM   Rope Twist Weave Necklace - Delicate diameter
HC-RopeSTD   Rope Twist Weave Necklace-Standard Diameter
HC-RopeLG   Rope Twist Weave Necklace-Substantial Diameter
HC-RoundOmega   Rounded Omega Chain
HWB-Round   Roundmaille Handwoven Bracelet
SSP-RIP   Royal Imperial Jasper
GFP-RSPJ5   Royal Sahara Picture Jasper
GFP-RSPJ7   Royal Sahara Picture Jasper
HWB-Serp   Serpentine Handwoven bracelet
HWB-SerpSub   Serpentine Handwoven bracelet-Substantial Diameter
HC-Serp   Serpentine Weave Necklace
HC-SerpSub   Serpentine Weave Necklace - Substantial Diameter
HWB-SerpTwist   Serpentine with a Twist Handwoven bracelet
HWB-Shaggy   Shaggy Loop Handwoven Bracelet
HC-Shaggy   Shaggy Loops Weave Necklace
HWB-SLB   Shaggy Loops with Beads Bracelet
EAR-SW   Shaggy Weave Earrings
EAR-SWB   Shaggy Weave Earrings with Beads - ONLY 2 PAIR LEFT!
BANGLE-pearls   Silver and Pearls -For a 6 3/4 - 7" wrist
BANGLE-ssbeadgf   Silver Bead/Gold Lined -For a 6 - 6 1/4" wrist
BANGLE-ssfloral   Silver Floral/Gold Framed -For a 6 - 6 1/4" wrist
BANGLE-simpleStack   Simply Stackable Bangle
Bead-SQ   Smoky Quartz Necklace
HC-snake   Snake Chain
BANGLE-Snakeskin   Snakeskin Bangle - ONE 2-TONE available size 5.75-6" wrist
BANGLE-StackBangle   Stackable Two Tone Bangle
BANGLE-StackBangleOX   Stackable Two Tone Bangle - OXIDIZED
SSP-10mmPendant   Sterling Silver 10mm Round Gemstone Pendant
SSP-OvalPendant   Sterling Silver 18X13 mm Oval Gemstone Pendant
HC-SS4mmCollar   Sterling Silver 4mm Flat Neck Collar
HC-SS5mmCollar   Sterling Silver 5mm Flat Neck Collar
HC-SS5mmVneck   Sterling Silver 5mm V-Neck Collar
SSP-8mmPendant   Sterling Silver 8mm Round Gemstone Pendant
HC-SSHerringbone   Sterling Silver Flat Herringbone Chain
HC-mesh5.2   Sterling Silver Mesh Chain (wide)
HC-SSOmega   Sterling Silver Omega Chain
Bead-pearls   Sterling Silver Open Weave with Swarovski Pearls
HC-RDbox   Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain - 19" length
BANGLE-swirl   Sterling Swirl Bangle
BANGLE-TwistCuff   Sterling Twisted Cuff-For up to a 8" wrist
GFP-SCA   Stone Canyon Agate
BANGLE-sscrown   Stunning Silver & Gold Framed -For a 7 - 7 1/4" wrist
BANGLE-Tailored   Tailored Bangle - Made for 5 1/2 to 3/4" wrist
BANGLE-Tribead   TriBead Bangle Bracelet
BANGLE-Medley   Tricolor Medley Bangle - for around a 6 1/8" wrist
BANGLE-TriNef   Tricolor Nefertiti Bangle Bracelet
SSP-Turritella   Turritella Agate
BANGLE-TS-Bangle   Twist and Shout Bangle
BANGLE-TS2-Bangle   Twist and Shout Bangle

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