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HC-CapByzSTD   "Captured" Two Tone Byzantine Weave Necklace
HC-CapByzDEL   "Captured" Two Tone Byzantine Weave Necklace - delicate diameter
BANGLE-frameNef   "Framed" Nefertiti Bangle Bracelet
HWB-ModShagOX   "Modern Meets Traditional" OXIDIZED Shaggy Chain Bracelet
HC-ModTradShagOX   "Modern Meets Traditional" OXIDIZED Shaggy Weave Necklace
HWB-ModShag   "Modern Meets Traditional" Shaggy Chain Bracelet
HC-ModTradShag   "Modern Meets Traditional" Shaggy Weave Necklace
SSP-intarsia   SOLD, SSP-intarsia">"Natures Paintbrush" Jasper in Intarsia -SOLD
BANGLE-Branches2   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-Branches2">"Ruffles Collection" - Branches2 Bangle -SOLD OUT
BANGLE-Bricks   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-Bricks">"Ruffles Collection" - Bricks Bangle -SOLD OUT
BANGLE-GardenFlowers   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-GardenFlowers">"Ruffles Collection" - Garden Flowers Bangle -SOLD OUT
RING-Emboss   "Ruffles" Collection - Embossed Ring - only 3 RINGS Available
HWB-SqByz   "Squared" Byzantine Chain Bracelet
HWB-SqJP   "Squared" Jens Pind Chain Bracelet
HWB-SqSerp   "Squared" Serpentine Chain Bracelet
BANGLE-Trifecta   "Trifecta" Bangle Bracelet
HWB-DVTwist   "Twisted" Double Vision Weave Bracelet
HC-DVTwist   "Twisted" Double Vision Weave Necklace
HCG-European/Anastasia   14k GF European Collar With Anastasia Topaz/Pearls
HWB-byzDel14k   SOLD OUT, HWB-byzDel14k">14k GOLD Byzantine Handwoven bracelet SOLD OUT
HC-GFOmega   14k Gold Filled 16" Omega Chain
BANGLE-14kSS   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-14kSS">14k Gold/Silver Bangle "One of a Kind" -SOLD OUT
EAR-ByzDel14K   14K SOLID GOLD Byzantine Weave Earrings
HC-ByzSolid   SOLD OUT, HC-ByzSolid">14k SOLID GOLD Byzantine Weave Necklace -SOLD OUT
HC-14krope   14k SOLID Gold Diamond-Cut French Rope Chain
GFP-Pietersite   SOLD, GFP-Pietersite">African Pietersite -SOLD
GFP-ANAD   SOLD, GFP-ANAD">Agua Nueva Agate Druzy -SOLD
GFP-AmbLab   SOLD, GFP-AmbLab">Amber/Labradorite Gemstone Duo -SOLD
SSP-Amethyst   SOLD, SSP-Amethyst">Amethyst - SOLD
BANGLE-WinAngel   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-WinAngel">Angela Bangle -SOLD OUT
GFP-AstTig   SOLD, GFP-AstTig">Astrophylite/Red Tigereye Duo-SOLD
BANGLE-Audre   Audre Bangle
BANGLE-Bali   Bali Bead Bangle
EAR-BW   Barrel Weave Earrings
HWB-Barrel   Barrel Weave Handwoven Bracelet
HCBarrel   Barrel Weave Necklace
BANGLE-BW10   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-BW14   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-BW9   Basketweave Bracelet
BANGLE-Bead   Beaded Bangle Bracelet
BANGLE-BeadBand   Beads and Bands Bracelet
BANGLE-Bella   Bella Bangle
GFP-LadyCameo1   SOLD, GFP-LadyCameo1">Black Agate Contemporary Cameo -SOLD
GFP-BACCdia   SOLD, GFP-BACCdia">Black Agate Contemporary Cameo -SOLD
GFP-BACCP   SOLD, GFP-BACCP">Black Agate Contemporary Cameo -SOLD
GF-TulipCameo   Black Agate Tulip Cameo
SSP-ebonyVS   SOLD, SSP-ebonyVS">Black Ebony Victoria Stone -SOLD
GFP-BO   Black Onyx
EARGEM-BOT   Black Onyx Teardrop Gemstone Earrings
GF-BlueIce   SOLD, GF-BlueIce">Blue Ice Onyx/Orange Rutile Duo -SOLD
GFP-BLClg   SOLD, GFP-BLClg">Blue Lace Chalcedony -SOLD
SS-BAD   SOLD, SS-BAD">Brazilian Agate Drusy -SOLD
SSP-TBAD   SOLD, SSP-TBAD">Brazilian Agate Drusy -SOLD
GFP-BAD4   Brazilian Agate Druzy
GFP-BADrose   SOLD, GFP-BADrose">Brazilian Agate Druzy - SOLD
GFP-BAD7   SOLD, GFP-BAD7">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD
GFP-BADtear   SOLD, GFP-BADtear">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD
GFP-BADtear2   SOLD, GFP-BADtear2">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD
GFP-BADtear3LG   SOLD, GFP-BADtear3LG">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD

, GFP-BADrg">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD

GFP-BAD2   SOLD, GFP-BAD2">Brazilian Agate Druzy -SOLD
GFP-BAD   SOLD, GFP-BAD">Brazilian Agate Druzy-SOLD
GFP-BADtear4   SOLD, GFP-BADtear4">Brazilian Agate Druzy. SOLD
GFP-BADCit   SOLD, GFP-BADCit">Brazilian Agate Druzy/Citrine Duo-SOLD
GFP-BrightGreenVS   SOLD, GFP-BrightGreenVS">Bright Green Victoria Stone -SOLD
BANGLE-Bullseye   Bullseye Victorian Bangle
TTP-BurroCreek   Burro Creek Agate
TTP-BWPJ   Butterfly Wing Picture Jasper - SOLD
HWB-byzDel   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Delicate diameter
HWB-byzStd   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Standard diameter
HWB-byzSub   Byzantine Handwoven bracelet - Substantial diameter
EAR-ByzDel   Byzantine Weave Earrings - Delicate
EAR-ByzStd   Byzantine Weave Earrings - Standard
HC-ByzSM   Byzantine Weave Necklace - Delicate diameter
HC-ByzSuperDel   Byzantine Weave Necklace - Super Delicate diameter
HC-ByzSTD   Byzantine Weave Necklace-Standard Diameter
HC-ByzLG   Byzantine Weave Necklace-Substantial Diameter
GFP-Candy   Candy Agate
HWB-CapByz   Captured Byzantine Bracelet
HWB-CapByzGF   Captured Byzantine Bracelet
HWB-CapByzdel   Captured Byzantine Bracelet-delicate diameter
GF-RedMoonCameo   Carnelian Agate "Moon Goddess" Cameo
GFP-LadyCameo   SOLD, GFP-LadyCameo">Carnelian Agate Contemporary Cameo -SOLD
TTP-CAD   Carnelian Agate Druzy
GFP-CarDruzy1   SOLD, GFP-CarDruzy1">Carnelian Agate Druzy - SOLD
GFP-Carn-Smoky   SOLD, GFP-Carn-Smoky">Carnelian Agate Druzy/Smoky Quartz Duo -SOLD
GF-MoonCameo   Carnelian Agate Moon Goddess Cameo. SOLD
BANGLE-carnelian   Carnelian Bangle "One of a Kind"
GFP-RACtri   SOLD, GFP-RACtri">Carnelian Red Agate Contemporary CameoSOLD
SSP-Carrasite   Carrasite Picture Jasper
CMP-Celtic   Celtic Pendant
BANGLE-ChainLink   Chain Link Two-tone Bangle
BANGLE-Chariot   Chariot Bangle -ONLY 3 2 LEFT
GFP-ChartVS   SOLD, GFP-ChartVS">Chartreuse Victoria Stone - SOLD
BANGLE-Chkr   Checkerboard Bracelet
EARGEM-CCJ   Cherry Creek Jasper Earrings
BANGLE-Chevron   Chevron Bangle
GFP-ChryDruzy   SOLD, GFP-ChryDruzy">Chrysocolla Druzy -SOLD
CMP-Circle   Circle of Life Pendant
CMP-Column   Column of Pearls Pendant
EAR-Column   Column Pearl Earrings
CMP-Concentric   Concentric Pendant
EAR-Corkscrew   SOLD OUT, EAR-Corkscrew">Corkscrew Earrings -SOLD OUT
GF-CoyAgate   SOLD, GF-CoyAgate">Coyamito Agate Druzy --SOLD
GFP-CLAgate   Crazy Lace Agate with Druzy
TTP-30x22   Create Your Own Gemstone Pendant!
GFP-CCPJ1   SOLD, GFP-CCPJ1">Cripple Creek Picture Jasper -SOLD
BANGLE-Bar   Cross Bar Bracelet
BANGLE-Cross   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-Cross">Crossover Bangle Bracelet -SOLD OUT
CMR-Cross   Crossover Ring
CMP-Daisy1   Daisy Two Tone Pendant
BANGLE-Daliance   Daliance Two-tone Bangle
BANGLE-Debutante   Debutante Bracelet
HWB-DEGF   Diagonal European Handwoven Bracelet
HWB-DESS   Diagonal European Handwoven Bracelet
BANGLE-Diamond   Diamond Bangle
EAR-Dia   Diamond Shaped Earrings
EAR-2toneDia   SOLD OUT, EAR-2toneDia">Diamond Shaped Two Tone Earrings -SOLD OUT
BANGLE-Diana   Diana Bangle
EARGEM-GFDicDruzy   Dichroic Brazilian Agate Druzy Earrings
GFP-Dichroic   Dichroic Glass
EAR-Double-Mesh   Double Mesh Earrings
HWB-DV   Double Vision Weave Bracelet
HC-DV   Double Vision Weave Necklace
HC-DVSSPearl   Double Vision Weave Necklace
HC-DVSQ   Double Vision Weave Necklace w/ Smoky Quartz Clasp
HWB-Dragon   Dragonscale Handwoven Bracelet
TTP-EGVS   SOLD, TTP-EGVS">Electric Green Victoria StoneSOLD
GFP-EmeraldVS   SOLD, GFP-EmeraldVS">Emerald Green Victoria Stone -SOLD
GF-Eudialyte   Eudialyte Gemstone
HC-EuropeanGF   European Collar - 14K GF
HC-EuropeanSS   European Collar - Silver
HC-EuropeanSSMed   SOLD, HC-EuropeanSSMed">European Collar with Center Medallion -SOLD
HCG-EuropeanSS/BO   SOLD OUT, HCG-EuropeanSS/BO">European Collar With Crystal Quartz and Black Onyx -SOLD OUT
HCG-EuropeanSS/Crys   European Collar With Swarovski Crystals
HWB-Eur14kGF   European Handwoven Bracelet
HWB-EurInset   European Handwoven Inset 2-tone Bracelet
HWB-European   European Weave Handwoven Bracelet
EAR-EyeStorm   Eye of the Storm Earrings
CMP-EyeStormLG   Eye of the Storm Pendant-LARGE
CMP-EyeStorn   Eye of the Storm Pendant-SMALL
BANGLE-FallLeave   Falling Leaves Bangle -ONLY 3 2 LEFT
SSP-WavyPendant   Fine Silver Gemstone Wavy Pendant
BANGLE-FineVine   Fine Vine Bangle- ONLY 3 2 LEFT
HWB-FCM   Flat Chain Maille Handwoven bracelet
HWB-FCMdel   Flat Chain Maille Handwoven bracelet - delicate
BANGLE-FlowChild   Flower Child Bangle
BANGLE-FlowGalore   Flowers Galore Bangle
HWB-FS   SOLD OUT, HWB-FS">Flowing Streams Handwoven Bracelet -SOLD OUT
CMR-Foldover   Foldover Gemstone Ring
BANGLE-ForgCuff   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-ForgCuff">Forged Cuff --SOLD OUT
EARGEM-Fossil   Fossil Coral Earrings
HWB-Fox   Foxtail Handwoven bracelet
EAR-FT   Foxtail Weave Earrings
HC-Fox   Foxtail Weave Necklace
BANGLE-Victorian   Gail Victorian Bangle
BANGLE-BarGemstone   Gold Bar Bangle Bracelet with gemstone
BANGLE-Braid   Gold Braid Bangle
BANGLE-Scroll   Gold Scroll Bangle
HC-GBW   Graduated Byzantine Weave Necklace
EAR-GradFox   Graduated Foxtail Earrings
HC-GFW   Graduated Foxtail Weave Necklace
EAR-GM   Grape Mesh Weave Earrings
SSP-GPRRA   Graveyard Point Regency Rose Agate
BANGLE-Hammered   Hammered Bangle
BANGLE-HammCuff   Hammered Cuff Bangle
CMP-CrossChain   SOLD OUT, CMP-CrossChain">Handcrafted Chain Cross -SOLD OUT
CMP-Cross   Handcrafted Metal Cross
HCHelm   Helm Weave Necklace
GFP-HessGarnet   Hessonite Garnet Druzy SOLD
BANGLE-Hexagon   Hexagon Bangle -ONLY 3 2 LEFT
GFP-IJD   SOLD, GFP-IJD">Imperial Jasper Duo-SOLD
GFP-IJG   SOLD, GFP-IJG">Imperial Jasper with Garnet -SOLD
GFP-IPJ   SOLD, GFP-IPJ">Imperial Picture Jasper -SOLD
SSP-IPJ   SOLD, SSP-IPJ">Indian Paint Picture Jasper -SOLD
SSP-IndigoVic   SOLD, SSP-IndigoVic">Indigo Victoria Stone -SOLD
HC-JLAsy2   Japanese Lace Asymmetrical Necklace
HWB-JL   Japanese Lace Handwoven Bracelet
HC-JPD   Jens Pind Delicate Weave Necklace
HWB-Jen   Jens Pind Handwoven Bracelet
EAR-JP   Jens Pind Weave Earrings
BANGLE-KineticPATH1   Kinetic Woven Bracelet
BANGLE-KineticPATHpearl   Kinetic Woven Bracelet with Pearls
CMR-KinWovenRing   Kinetic Woven Ring
HWB-King   SOLD OUT, HWB-King">Kingscale Weave Bracelet -SOLD OUT
GFP-Lab   SOLD, GFP-Lab">Labradorite -SOLD
TTP-Lab   SOLD, TTP-Lab">Labradorite in Woven Setting -SOLD
GFP-Lapis-RutQuartz   SOLD, GFP-Lapis-RutQuartz">Lapis/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Gemstone -SOLD
GFP-Larimar   SOLD, GFP-Larimar">Larimar -SOLD
BANGLE-Leaf   SOLD OUT, BANGLE-Leaf">Leafed Out Bangle -SOLD OUT
GFP-LRVS   SOLD, GFP-LRVS">Lilac Rose Victoria Stone-SOLD
TTP-LilacVS   Lilac Victoria Stone
GFP-LilacVS   SOLD, GFP-LilacVS">Lilac Victoria Stone -SOLD
EAR-Lilypad   SOLD OUT, EAR-Lilypad">LilyPad Crystal Earrings -SOLD OUT
EAR-LK   Love Knot Earrings
CMP-LoveKnot   Love Knot Pendant
EARGEM-MadJasper   SOLD OUT, EARGEM-MadJasper">Madagascar Jasper Earrings --SOLD OUT

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