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Lilac Victoria Stone
Lilac Victoria Stone

Our Price: $195.00

Origin: Japan

Fabulous lilac Victoria Stone.  There is amazing depth to this stone and wonderful light play with a deep chatoyancy that is only found in the best of these stones.  Truly mesmerizing.  This perfect stone has an interplay of colors that will have you floating in the clouds every time you wear it.  Sculpted in Argentium Sterling Silver with 14k gold filled accents! This gemstone has been increasingly difficult to find recently, especially specimens that are so incredibly captivating like this one. If you haven't gotten your Victoria Stone yet, NOW is the time! 

Size 1" X 2"

About Victoria Stone
For those who know me - you know my goal is to outfit every woman with her own Victoria Stone every chance I get.  That is because this is not only a beautiful stone - the story behind it is compelling and mysterious! 

Victoria Stone is an infinitely precious gemstone (which is also known as Iimori Stone). This stone is a masterpiece of prismatic play of light and chatoyancy and comes in several colors like glacial grey, sky blue, lilac rose, electric green and ebony black-just to name a few.  

In the mid to late 1960's a Japanese scientist, Dr. S. Iimori devoted himself to the creation of gemstones. Although he worked on several types (Meta Jade, Maple Stone, Halo Stone, Meta Amethyst), Victoria Stone was his piece de resistanceand a crowning worldwide commercial success.   Victoria Stone was made of natural raw minerals (quartz, feldspar, magnesite, calcite, fluospar, etc). Those minerals were fused together by heating them to intensely high temperatures to form a molten magma (he actually melted the rocks!); they were 'mineralized' to a new mineral by adding special crystallizers to the molten rock. This magma was then poured into boules and placed under 2000 pounds of pressure; the cooling process was in an extremely controlled environment (taking months to cool); during this time the phenomenal chatoyant crystals were formed.  For this reason, Victoria stone is not considered a synthetic or simulated gemstone but is referred to in the gemological world as a reconstructed natural gemstone.

Production of Victoria Stone ceased sometime in the 1980's, upon or around the time of Dr. Iimori's death.  As far as anyone knows or can find out, Dr. Iimori was the only person to ever know the formula, and it was lost with his passing. Others have spent thousands of dollars and tried in vain to reproduce this spellbinding legendary gemstone. Alas, all that is left to the world is what was purchased and produced 20-35 years ago.

 In your possession will be a portion of lapidary history and legend; an investment with the potential to become priceless--a truly peerless, one-of-it's-kind, awe-inspiring gemstone rarity. 
(copied with the permission of Rick and Kristi Stutt)
Lilac Victoria Stone in Argentium Sterling Silver with 14k gold filled accents

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