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Hand-woven Bracelet

Bracelets never go out of style - and these incredible hand-woven chain bracelets are no exception!  Each bracelet is hand woven one hand made ring at a time.  Meticulous work - but very gratifying.  And no, it doesn't make my crazy.  Rather - it generates a great sense of peace in my soul, and I am a more patient person thanks to my chain weaving experience!!

I work with 14k yellow and rose gold filled wire, fine silver, and a tarnish resistant sterling silver, called Argentium Sterling Silver.  These are all high quality metals that you will love!  Click here to learn about the value, durability and beauty of these metals. MY FAVES - The flat chain maille weave, my personal piece is a two tone bracelet.  They are lightweight, feel like silk, and they can be worn with everything!

BESTSELLERS - My bracelets easily outsell any other category!  All these designs are hot sellers, and many of my clients have several!

NOTE ON DELIVERY - Because most of these items are "made to order", please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. Within 48 hours of your order you will receive a shipping notice (if what you have ordered is in stock) or an estimate of when your order will be shipped, not to exceed 3 weeks.

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