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14k Oval Charm with Rhodium Accents

14k Oval Charm with Rhodium Accents

Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

Gorgeous cut out 14k lightweight pendant charm with Rhodium accents to simulate the look of diamonds.  This is a beautiful pendant with a 7X5 mm bail opening to allow for many different chain or omega options. Video shown so you can see how the rhodium accents sparkle.

Price is for pendant only.  Chain shown in above picture is 20" 1.5 mm diamond cut 14k rope chain that can be purchased in related products below.

Size 7/8" X 1"

Rhodium is a white-colored precious metal that is used in many fine jewelry selections.  It is 10-25 times more expensive than gold and is a member of the platinum family.  The vast majority of white gold jewelry is rhodium-plated to protect the metal (rhodium is extremely hard and durable) and to keep white gold shiny, lustrous and white (did you know white gold is actually yellow-tinged and not purely white?).  Rhodium is also hypoallergenic and does not tarnish.  Rhodium plating can wear off over time, but this is unlikely to occur on a piece such as this because the rhodium plating is not touching your skin.  Any piece of jewelry can be replated with rhodium at most fine jewelry stores.  As with any metal jewelry, do not expose this piece to harsh chemicals, chlorine or perfumes and hair sprays.