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Byzantine Weave Necklace-Substantial Diameter

Byzantine Weave Necklace-Substantial Diameter

SKU: byzantine-weave-necklace-substantial-diameter-as-17-standard-add-pictured-solid-gold-clasp-for-14k-yellow-gold-metal-option

Classic Byzantine Weave! This is the most substantial chain that I make.

Standard length is 17". I don't add an extension onto this chain because I use a substantial and fancy clasp (or toggle in the case of the 14k GF chain) that is so pretty you might want to wear it so the clasp or toggle shows.  Solid 14k gold clasp is also available for an additional cost with 14k gold filled chain.   Length is completely customizable. Up to an additional 3" can be ordered online. For longer necklaces, please contact me.

Several metal options available.  Not all are pictured.  Price varies by metal selection.

  1. Argentium Sterling Silver (AS)
  2. Two tone - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) and 14k Yellow Gold Filled (YGF) 
  3. Two tone - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) and 14k Rose Gold Filled (RGF) 
  4. Tricolor - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS), and 14k Yellow/Rose Gold Filled (YGF, RGF) 
  5. 14k Yellow Gold Filled (YGF) 
  6. 14k Rose Gold Filled (RGF) 

I make this weave in 4 different diameters, noted on my main page as super delicate, delicate, standard and substantial diameters. Don’t be worried about the weight of the substantial diameter chains, they are not heavy (unless you are particularly sensitive to thicker chains!).

It is difficult to show the diameter of a chain in a picture, so here is a guide on this weave to help you:

Super Delicate diameter - approximately 3/16" wide. (this diameter can be worn alone or can be worn with many pendants)

 Delicate diameter – generally slightly smaller than a standard #2 pencil (this diameter is perfect for the majority of wire sculpted pendants)

Standard diameter – approximately the width of a standard #2 pencil (this diameter is generally worn alone, or could possibly work well with a larger pendant)

Substantial diameter – slightly larger than the width of a standard #2 pencil (a thick chain that is best worn as a stand-alone chain, with no pendant)