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Emerald Green Victoria Stone

Emerald Green Victoria Stone

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Origin: Japan

Size: 1"x 2"

Emerald Green Victoria Stone in an elegant 14k gold filled hand-sculpted setting.   I rarely find this unique gemstone anymore and it disappears very quickly.

Victoria Stone is an amazing gemstone and is one of my absolute favorites.  I have been working with it for at least 20 years and have been known to say "My plan is to adorn as many women as possible with an authentic Victoria Stone".  

The story behind the Victoria Stone is fascinating.  Back in the 60's, a Japanese scientist named Dr. Iimori created this chatoyant material in 15 different colors.  Similar to a Jade-like material, it is a beautiful, glossy finish that produces several different patterns and "heavenly-like" pictures in the various stones.  Some say the gemstone is man-made from natural gemstones, others say it is a unique type of leaded glass.  What is fascinating is no one really knows for sure, and NO ONE has been able to recreate these gemstones since Dr. Iimori's death in the 80's.  The reason for that? He never shared or wrote down his formula.  As a result, the original Victoria Stone has increased ten-fold in price over the years.  It is fascinating to own, and amazing in its uniqueness.