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Japanese Lace Asymmetrical Necklace

Japanese Lace Asymmetrical Necklace

SKU: japanese-lace-asymmetrical-necklace-wide-as-thin-14k-ygf-17-standard

Fabulously dense japanese lace necklace with an asymmetrical twist. This is a spectacular necklace! Over 3 ounces of 14k gold filled and argentium sterling silver metal - hours of work to create this masterpiece!

Standard length - 17" Can be ordered at different lengths at an add'l cost

  1.  Wider side Argentium, Thinner side 14k yellow gold filled (YGF)
  2. Wider side 14k Yellow Gold Filled, Thinner side Argentium Silver (AS)

Depending on when this is ordered - shipping may be delayed 3-4 weeks. This piece takes a while to handcraft.
This design can be custom made with different metals and combinations. Contact me if interested in a custom design.