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Jens Pind Delicate Weave Necklace

Jens Pind Delicate Weave Necklace

SKU: jens-pind-delicate-weave-necklace-as-16-18-standard

Don't let the delicate nature of this weave fool you! It is one of the most time-consuming and complicated weaves, and the smaller size only makes it more labor intensive. But the end result is an incredibly beautiful delicate chain. Wears beautifully by itself, or it is the one chain that I recommend most frequently to wear with my wire sculpted pendants!

Several metal options available.  Not all are pictured.  Price varies by metal selection.

Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) $315
Two tone - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) and 14k Yellow Gold Filled (YGF) - $355
Two tone - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) and 14k Rose Gold Filled (RGF) - $355 
Tricolor - Argentium Sterling Silver (AS), and 14k Yellow/Rose Gold Filled (YGF, RGF) - $355
14k Yellow Gold Filled (YGF) - $395
14k Rose Gold Filled (RGF) - $395

Standard length is 16", with a 2" extension. Length is completely customizable. Up to an additional 2", or 4" can be ordered here.  Additional inches are $20/inch.  For longer necklaces, please contact me.  As an example there is a picture included here of this design in a 36" length.

It is difficult to show the diameter of a chain in a picture, the diameter of this chain is about 1/8" if laid on a ruler.