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Royal Sahara Picture Jasper

Royal Sahara Picture Jasper

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Origin: Sahara Desert, Africa

Intricately sculpted in woven gold filled metal - this will be an heirloom for a very special lady! This gemstone has a matte finish which gives it more of a casual appearance.

Simply spectacular is the only way to describe this newer discovery of picture jasper in the gemstone world. Difficult to obtain, priceless to own! Streamers of rich browns and creamy tans create a beautiful scenic landscape. Picture Jaspers are the most phenomenal stones I have ever seen. The stones display incredible scenic views that are completely natural - formed only by the Creator's Hand Himself. It is when I see a stone like this that I remember why I began this "hobby turned business" 13 years ago! These stones are taken from God's green earth and offer us incredible pictures that are breath-taking!

Size 1 3/8" X 2 3/4"

Add a fabulous rigid collar or chain that will look great with your pendant from the related products below!

As a sale item this is non-returnable.