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Woven Ring

Woven Ring

SKU: woven-ring-a
The main picture coded A-G are the actual rings you will receive. These are the only ones I have left. Please pay attention to sizes when you select which ring you would like to purchase

Ring A - Fine Silver - Size 5 1/2
Ring B - Fine Silver - Size 10 1/4
Ring C - 14k Yellow Gold Filled - Size 5 1/4
Ring D - 14k Yellow Gold Filled - Size 9
Ring E - Fine Silver with 14k YGF kinetic accents - Size 9
Ring F - 14k YGF with Sterling Silver kinetic accents - Size 10 1/2
Ring G - 14k Rose Gold Filled - Size 7 1/2

Note: As rings are sold the item selections will disappear from options.

I have been working on weaving techniques for some time, and I am finally so excited to present this elegant but durable ring that will gain you many oohs and ahhs - with TONS of compliments!